Media Bowha( 寶貨 - a treasure)

Media Bowha( 寶貨 - a treasure), 2015
Real - Time Interactive Projection Mapping Installation,(120cm x 42 cm x 35cm)

Making porcelain was a new technology in the past and the new media  technology today can be considered aligned to the one in the past. " Media Treasure" is a new technique and a treasure itself created by the lights from a combined past and modern new technique.

Et in Arcadia ego

Et in Arcadia ego, 2015
Real - Time Interactive Installation

Throughout the work "I am in Arcadia", viewers, in a space where Japanese apricot aroma is filled with, can interact romantically with the fluttering apricot flowers on the floor every time they make a step. Apricot flowers changing real-time form a shape of a Prunus Vase as big as a gigantic wall and the moving flowers shaped in Prunus Vase draw up the beautiful landscape of "Kum Kang San". While viewing the moving landscape shaped with apricot flowers, the viewers appreciate the greatness of the open nature and gets assimilated to nature at the same time. They will experience peace and emotional healing.



_Interactice Projection Mapping tea table with G-conic


Media '樂'

Media ‘Rak(樂, Joyful )’
_Projection Mapping on the porcelains

Bunchungsagi (a grayish-blue-powdered celadon) is the Korean traditional porcelain
which was covered on the surface wetted a grayish blue powder to hide the lower
quality of surface of the porcelain in 15C.

Media ‘Rak(樂, Joyful) upgrades low quality Bunchungsagi into high quality white porcelain
through projection mapping and motion graphics which are lively patterns of Bunchungsagi
reinterpretated in a contemporary style.


Media Lucky Omens(길상:吉祥)

Media Lucky Omens(길상:吉祥)
_Interactive projection mapping with Touch OSC

The audience can conjure lucky omens by touching the Touch OSC iPhone interface
and experience a play on image and meditative value through 6 wide screens
which contain each East Asian traditional pattern each pattern has
a connotation of auspicious meaning. The lum blossom pattern means
‘to pray for virtue and purity,The pomegranate pattern means
to pray for the fecundity,Ten-Longevity means ten kinds of creatures
for ongevity and the peony pattern means to pray for being wealthy
and noble in East Asia.

_Technical Part, VVVV : Lee Sang-yong(gconic.com)
_Technical Part, iPhone App Develop: Shim Min-seok (gconic.com)